Friday, July 3, 2009

A man's dinner (or how to bribe your husband)

This dinner is a husband pleaser. It does not contain items from the government food pyramid, rather from the real man's triangle.

Thick pork chops - NOT boneless. (real men pick them up and eat them!)
Ranch style beans
Ice cream
Double stuff oreos
Chocolate syrup
Air freshener (lysol or stronger)

How you cook the pork chops depends on him... to just make him smile, you can broil them. To make him do backflips, fry them!

Mash up potatoes - the way HE likes them. That means a little salty...

Ranch style beans

Serve with his favorite beverage. For extra brownie points, serve on a TV tray with his favorite movie or sport on! And if you really want him to smile, let him wipe his hands on his shirt or the sofa...

When he's so stuffed he can't move, fill a big bowl with ice cream and top with oreos. Liberally drizzle chocolate sauce. Remove his dinner plate and place ice cream on his tv tray.

Do not expect him to do dishes this night - he's as stuffed as a tick and can't move.

Once you join him in the living room, expect "manly noises" to begin. Have your lysol ready, or invest in a timed automatic sprayer. Set for most frequent sprays on man dinner night.

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  1. I find that my hubby is happy just getting a meal. Never mind a fancy one like this one!! I need to do so much better at meal times but life simply gets the better of me.