Monday, June 29, 2009

Two year olds are awesome!!!

After years of avoiding working in the 2 year old room at our old church, I signed up to coordinate the toddler room. The kids have begun to have small group lessons in a separate room, to avoid distractions of too many kids or toys.
This has the little guys actually listening to and learning the lesson! Last Sunday, I had my first 2 yr old say our memory verse... well, a shortened version supplied by the curriculum we use. I gave him a hi-5 and he kept saying it. He actually shouted it when he changed rooms!!
We then had a situation with a toddler and his brother getting sick. The little guy was concerned so I asked if he wanted to pray. He said yes and took my hands. Well, all the kids saw us praying and began to grab hands. Before I could finish a prayer condensed and simplified for 2 yr olds to repeat, almost every child in the class was in the circle trying to pray.
Since, other kids have begun to say our memory verse. When a child falls (which always happens in groups of kids) we pray "Ouchie go away in Jesus name". I start and several of the kids will come up and say their version while laying their hands on the fallen child.
Seeing these little guys and their innocent faith is so awesome! I have been truly blessed to be allowed to work with them.

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