Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walk by Faith, not by Sight...

I have heard this at church and from every preacher, pastor and evangelist alive. It seems to be the heart-cry of many during this time. Like everyone else, I keep trying. Like everyone else, I mess up.
But God is so good, He meets me on my level, and teaches me His way.
Walk by Faith, not by Sight... Ok.
So, my gas gauge is now broken - sort of. It works sometimes. I never know when it is working. I fill up and the next day, the need gas light comes on. Common sense tells me to check the gas, go and top off, if necessary... the light is on and it's there for a reason.
But faith tells me how big my gas tank is, how many miles I've driven and computes these numbers. I can confidently drive from my house to Katy, Texas, an hour away with the gas light on. I was a bit concerned when starting out, but I went over the calculations, and decided to trust them. I made it to Katy.
So, this is how it works... I don't look at the gas light in my car.
Why is this so difficult for outside the car?? It's not. I'm not looking at the gas light. The gas light is not reporting good information to me. I'm getting it...
The Fuel is the Word of God. If I fill up, I'll be fine. However, I need to keep fuel, or I'll be in trouble.
the gas tank is me. The gas light is my situations... bank account, car repairs, rising costs...
So, I fuel up at Godco, and stay full. I know that He meets my needs and I should not worry. This is my calculations.
Object lessons... what I use to teach my kids, God has now turned and is teaching me.

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  1. Hey, I just read your post on Sue Ailsby's training levels and decided to check out your blog. Being a new Christian, I know exactly what you are talking about!! However, once we decide to try as hard as we can to have faith and not worry about the worldly details, it is surprising what God comes up with to help us make it through all sorts of trials. Stand firm in your faith! It might not be easy, but so rewarding!